Granite Farm 1981 was created by Catherine, Hugo and Rémi, who shared a common desire for an agricultural endeavour that would respect the environment and connect with the community.


Rémi, a train driver, dreamed of moving to the country one day to divide his time between cultivating his fields and riding the rails. His vision became reality much sooner than expected when a friend sent his girlfriend Catherine, a creative director, speaker and visual artist, and him a link to the listing of a small farm for sale. Catherine was able to project herself easily from the very first visit and, from that moment on, she was fully committed to the project. This shift sparked Catherine's deep desire to be surrounded by nature and to enjoy watching her carrots grow.She jumped on board with Remi's plan, sensing that this farmhouse was meant for them. They envisioned a space where organic farming would be combined with art installations and activities. In 2019, they acquired the Ogden property whose name evokes its location, a land known for its granite quarries.


Driven by the ambition of creating something grander than what they could each contribute, Catherine and Rémi sought support and guidance. Luckily, they met Hugo, creator of Artisan Maraîcher, a flourishing organic micro-farm founded in 2017. Catherine, Hugo and Rémi agreed to join forces and created the partnership that is now Granite Farm 1981.



(co-create with our/the environment)


Preserving the entire ecosystem of the Farm. Treating the land, the people who farm it, and the people it feeds with respect.



(here, art and carrots grow)

Developing the land with the intention of creating a space where the beauty and biodiversity of nature are combined with artisanal agriculture and artistic installations of all kinds.


(nourishing agriculture, for the belly and the soul)

Bridging the gap between humans and the wisdom taught to us by the soil in its abundance and generosity. The farm will become a hub of exchange where teams can come to refresh and connect with each other.


We grow a wide variety of vegetables on a one-acre land using farming practices rooted in a deep understanding of biological interactions. Our non-mechanized approach - no tractors are used for routine operations - reduces our environmental footprint, while intensifying our production.

Image: Mélika Bazin
Image: Mélika Bazin



zucchini fresh onion rutabaga
eggplant spinach mizuna radish  
basil fennel green onion rapini
beet ginger pac choï arugula 
carrot bean parsnip tatsoi
cabbage kale parsley thyme  
kohlrabi leaf lettuce leek tomato  
cucumber melon peas cherry tomato   
coriander mint bell pepper  
winter squash mesclun potato  

Certified organic, our top-quality fresh veggies are sustainably grown.

Here's what we're growing this year:


We collaborate with other organic vegetable farms in the area to bring a wide variety of products to our members, including berries.


Certified organic by Ecocert Canada